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Re: iMX8 support in debian

Hello William,

On 3/24/21 10:05 PM, Wookey wrote:
On 2021-03-24 20:29 +0100, William Bonnet wrote:

I own since a couple weeks a nitrogen iMX8 board I am currently using a
kernel and image provided by the manufacturer.

I would be really happy to help on this task and join the effort. Please
how can i help you Wookey and Paul ? .

Take the latest Debian kernel source: (	5.10.24-1 )
Change the debian/config/arm64 to enable imx8
Build it and test that it works.
I don't _think_ any more changes will be needed.

Report the change you made and the results you found in a bug
asking for IMX8 suport to be enabled in the kernel.

I was trying to work out what the right config option was, and I think it's just
CONFIG_ARCH_MXC=y (in debian/config/arm64/config

Update: Wookey reported a bug and mentioned via irc that imx8 is missing. I enabled a few settings (see https://deb.li/3fUTV) and I'm convinced that only ARCH_MXC is not enough.

I don't know the plans for an updated kernel in bullseye, but if it helps you (or us :-) I might be able to build the current state for you and provide you a link.

Best regards

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