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Re: iMX8 support in debian


I own since a couple weeks a nitrogen iMX8 board I am currently using a
kernel and image provided by the manufacturer.

I would be really happy to help on this task and join the effort. Please
how can i help you Wookey and Paul ? .

I already did some hacking on iMX6 boards and kernel / drivers building
during the previous years, thus I should  be able to help you if needed,
at least i hope. The more testing the better it is  ;)



> I discovered this week that iMX8 is not enabled in the debian
> kernels. Does anyone know why not? It seems a rather major omission,
> and too late to fix for bullseye now. Did just no-one ask? Or no-one
> get round to it?
> Wookey

William                             https://forum.armwizard.org

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