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Re: Ampere EMAG

On 11/16/20 9:33 AM, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> On Du, 15 nov 20, 15:10:34, Christian Kastner wrote:
>> That's how I do it on amd64 currently. I assign each worker VM 4 cores
>> and 8GB of RAM, and let a few workers run in parallel. I'm sure 8GB is
>> insufficient for some packages (eg: the kernel), but I haven't run into
>> one of them yet for my specific needs. And it's just a changeable parameter.
> The Debian 5.6.14 kernel built fine on a PINE A64+ with only 2 GiB RAM.

On bare metal, sure. In a VM backed by memory, builds consuming a lot of
disk space in guests, will consume a lot host memory.

However, checking a random kernel build log, I see that the kernel
doesn't need that much disk space either, <1GB, so that wasn't a good

A better example would have been src:firefox-esr, which needed 23GB.

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