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Re: Ampere EMAG

On 11/15/20 2:43 AM, Wookey wrote:
> On 2020-11-15 01:03 +0100, Christian Kastner wrote:
>> I'd like to run my own arm64 buildd, but basically I only found SBCs so
>> far, with the NVMe-capable ones having max 4GB RAM, and the Rpi 4 8GB
>> RAM but no NVMe. I'd like to have at *least* 16GB, and ideally 32GB or more.
> It's a very nice buildd for things that are parallelisable, with 32 cores.

I recently rebuilt about ~1000 packages and overall parallelization was
less than I hoped for (but not really surprising: after all, the package
build sequence is serial, and the build+test stage, where
parallelization would shine, often quite short).

What makes a high-RAM system attractive to me is that I build everything
in QEMU VMs [1], and all I/O in the VM is effectively backed by RAM on
the host, which makes I/O in the VM quite fast.

But that requires a host with a lot of RAM.

It's of course possible to run an arm64 guest on an amd64 host with lots
of RAM, but then I'm missing hardware acceleration for virtualization.

[1] https://packages.debian.org/sid/qemu-sbuild-utils

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