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Re: Ampere EMAG

On 2020-11-15 01:03 +0100, Christian Kastner wrote:
> On 11/14/20 4:08 PM, Wookey wrote:
> > Yes. I have a 64Gb machine. (emag).
> I wasn't aware that the Ampere stuff was generally available, and now I
> see that through a generous donation, they power our buildds [1].
> Do these run an unmodified Debian?

The machine I have has Ubuntu on it and it became remote (and thus
inconvenient to re-image) back in March before I had time to test
plain Debian. It just needed some firmware updates, but then ran
standard Ubuntu.

The firmware was not public at that time which was annoyingly unfree,
but hopefully hardware now comes with those updates on it (or they
have been published).

> I'd like to run my own arm64 buildd, but basically I only found SBCs so
> far, with the NVMe-capable ones having max 4GB RAM, and the Rpi 4 8GB
> RAM but no NVMe. I'd like to have at *least* 16GB, and ideally 32GB or more.

It's a very nice buildd for things that are parallelisable, with 32 cores.

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