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Re: Debian with Debian kernel on Pinebook Pro

On 2020-08-29, Birger Schacht wrote:
> I am trying to get a Debian (bullseye) installation to work on the
> Pinebook Pro with the Debian kernel package. I managed to install Debian
> back in February, but back then this was with a custom kernel with a lot
> of patches [0]. As far as I know most if not all of the relevant patches
> where merged upstream. Yet I am failing to get a working display.

I don't think support for the display is upstream yet, and the same for
display on upstream u-boot, FWIW.

I have had luck pulling the patches from one of the manjaro 5.8


Applying those patches to a mainline kernel, which should work on
Debian's kernel without too much trouble(beyond learning quirks of the
linux packaging in Debian and the effort to actually build the
package). It is less than 30 patches, and probably could leave a few of
them out. Some are clearly hacks and aren't going to land in mainline
and many of the commit messages are noted as such.

There's one patch in upstream 5.9-rc* to enable battery status:

  arm64: dts: rockchip: add fuel gauge to Pinebook Pro dts

I was thinking of backporting it Debian's 5.8 kernel to at least be able
to know how the battery is doing...

At the moment, for an unpatched kernel, it's still limited to serial
console and ssh.

It's on my TODO list to see what the minimum set of additional patches
would be, and I've been keeping an eye on upstream for relevent patches
and occasionally apply them to the current sid and/or experimental
kernels a version or two early when it seems reasonable...

It's coming along, though slowly.

live well,

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