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Re: Debian with Debian kernel on Pinebook Pro

I think it's not officially released yet from Debian.  I have one, I just use the stock emmc for now.  My SSD in there isn't doing anything yet either.  But then I'm retired now, don't use a laptop that much anymore.

On Sat, Aug 29, 2020, 4:06 PM Birger Schacht <birger@rantanplan.org> wrote:
Hello *,

I am trying to get a Debian (bullseye) installation to work on the
Pinebook Pro with the Debian kernel package. I managed to install Debian
back in February, but back then this was with a custom kernel with a lot
of patches [0]. As far as I know most if not all of the relevant patches
where merged upstream. Yet I am failing to get a working display.

I am building an image for my sdcard using vmdb2 with a config [1] based
on the excellent Raspberry Pi vmdb2 recipes. I tried with the 5.8 kernel
from experimental.
The image boots, but it does not show anything on the display of the
Pinebook Pro. I have attached a serial cable and extracted a the dmesg
output (attached). I am also able to log in on tty1 without seeing any
output- when I type the username and hit enter I can see the user being
logged in on tty1 when checking via the serial connection.
I looked through the dmesg output but was not able to find what the
missing part was. It might have to do with the error message
'rockchip-usb2phy [...] failed to create phy', which occurs multiple times.

I thought maybe someone on debian-arm has an idea? Maybe a kernel module
or some firmware is missing?

thanks and cheers,

[0] https://bisco.org/notes/installing-debian-on-the-pinebook-pro/
[1] https://paste.debian.net/1161757/

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