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Re: Debian Installer on Pine64+ (no serial console)

On Ma, 07 mai 19, 00:33:19, peter green wrote:
> On 04/05/19 18:49, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> > https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/PINE64/PINEA64
> This prompted me to reinstall my pine64 which has been sitting idle 
> for a while, since the old install (based on a vendor image) on it 
> stopped booting. Your instructions worked fine and after installation 
> the system sucessfully rebooted to a login prompt.

Great :)
> At that point I got distracted, when I came back a day or so later I 
> found that the Ethernet interface had stopped working. It appeared to 
> be up and had an IP address (meaning it must have passed some packets 
> since the reboot), but no traffic was getting through. Downing and 
> re-upping the interface brought it back to life. I also rebooted the 
> system and found the network interface had come up successfully after 
> the reboot.
> Then I ran into another problem. I have a SATA hard disk connected by 
> a startech USB to SATA/IDE adapter (I belive its 
> https://www.startech.com/uk/HDD/Adapters/USB-20-to-IDE-or-SATA-Adapter-Cable~USB2SATAIDE 
> though I'm not using the PSU that came with it). When I tried to rsync 
> a large file (an image of the pre-reinstall SD card contents) to said 
> drive it dropped out. I unmounted and re-mounted the drive (which had 
> renamed itself from sda to sdb after the dropout) and tried again, but 
> the same happened again. 

As usual with this kind of devices, do make sure you have a good power 
source (for the PINE A64 ideally via the Euler bus instead of the 
micro-USB connector).

Connecting external drives without own power or via a powered USB hub is 
just asking for trouble :)

Kind regards,

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