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Re: Debian Installer on Pine64+ (no serial console)

On Vi, 03 mai 19, 14:48:02, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Hi Andrei,

Hi Rick,

> Did you get any answer on this?  I’m thinking of replacing my armel 
> hardware (a couple of OpenRD boxes and a SheevaPlug) with something 
> more modern, and the Pine64+ looks like a good candidate, but I’ll 
> need to be able to install Debian.
In the meantime I was able to make significant progres on my own (yay!)

Basically I used the Pine64+ u-boot image and added files to it based on 
the section 4.4.3 Manually copying files to the USB stick 
- the flexible way" in the *amd64* version of the Installation Guide.[1]

I was able to complete the install, but the system wouldn't boot, 
probably because the guided partitioning messed up u-boot. When I tried 
to fix it from my working system u-boot-install-sunxi64 complained about 
the GPT partition table.

I'm ready to start a second try where I will be using manual 
partitioning (without GPT), hoping I will get a bootable system.

> More general question —  What is the status of support for the ARM64 
> at this point in time?  Is there an on-going project that I can help 
> test?

In my opinion support in buster is partial, but already quite usable 
(headless system or framebuffer only).

It makes sense to upgrade the kernel though (from experimental and 
hopefully backports after buster is released) as there are significant 
developments relevant for the Pine64+.

See http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort for more details.

[1] The arm64 version of that section is missing and I intend to provide 
a patch based on my experience.

Hope this helps,

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