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Re: Single user mode, view on HDMI output?

Well, it turns out that I was doing things the wrong-headed olde way.
Before I figured out the systemd way, I sorted through the flash-kernel
script and wound up modifying /etc/flash-kernel/bootscript/bootscr.sunxi
to set the console variable in the bootargs variable to tty0 and that
did work for "telinit 1".

However, I found that this failed because the root account is locked by
default in the Freedombox image.  Setting a password for root then
allowed working in classic single user mode.

Then I learned that systemd has its own way of entering rescue mode with
the command of "systemctl isolate rescue.target" which will even work
through an SSH connection.  As this let me work from this desktop, this
is the route I ultimately used for the maintenance of moving several
directories from the uSD to the SATA drive.

After unlearning a few things, all went well.  BTW, BTRFS subvolumes are

- Nate


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