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Re: debian and wol on Buffalo Linkstation WXL

On Sun, Dec 24, 2017 at 1:24 AM, rosanna wrote:

> the only way to shutdown the unit is to put the physical button in the off
> position, otherwise both poweroff and shutdown commands lead to a reboot of
> the unit

That sounds like a bug in Linux.

> wakeonlan is not available

Probably another bug in Linux, in the driver for the NIC.

For both of these I would suggest trying two things:

If you are running Debian stretch, try a newer version of the Linux
kernel from Debian backports:


Booting Debian using the Linux kernel image from the original buffalo
firmware. The bootloader configuration should be modified to select
the correct build of Linux and the Debian rootfs will need a copy of
any Linux kernel modules from the buffalo rootfs (usually in
/lib/modules/*/). Due to the Linux kernel requirements of systemd and
glibc, it is possible you will have to switch from systemd to
sysvinit, or to an older release of Debian in order to get this to

If the latest version of Linux from backports fails but the original
Linux kernel image works, you might need to file a bug against the
Debian linux-image-* package that you have installed:


BTW, since you are using somewhat less common hardware please also
consider filing a Debian installation report and filling out a wiki
page about how you installed Debian:




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