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Re: need sd card backup on r-pi-3b

On 25/09/17 03:15, Gene Heskett wrote:
On Sunday 24 September 2017 17:50:22 Alan Corey wrote:

Try putting your static route in interfaces, in the eth0 section with
an up, like

iface eth0 inet static
     up route add default gw

I think post-up might be too late, maybe there's a pre-up.

post-up works reliably here, and I'm doing a lot of router stuff on them- but based on Jessie, and typically on pukka Debian rather than Raspbian.

Whatever, didn't work either, so I was trying "variations on a theme" and
locked myself out, so I pulled on some slippers and fished a light out
of my pocket, opened the fire door out of the bedroom and padded across
the back deck to the garage, to be  greeted by the monitor showing me an
x login.  Neat, but no response from the keyboard or mouse. Reset it
several times to no avail. ISTR seeing something about x killing the usb
power on the forum. I can see the effect of keypresses while the boot
msgs are scrolling by, so that forum msg now makes sense. Might have to
round up a bigger psu, its running on a pi supply rated at 2.5 amps,
mini-wall-wart type. I've got a bigger one lounging about in that midden
heap, a meanwell perforated box rated at 3, maybe 4 amps.

So I'll stick the card back in a reader tomorrow, see if I can find that
eth0 file and remove my last variation, which was "pre-up" IIRC.  If
that kills the x login, then Houston, we have a problem. :) Twon't be
the first time I've had to backtrack. :)  Sigh...

There is another possibility, ifconfig shows a lo interface but there
isn't any such starter file!  There is an lo stanza on the jessie/pi. So
one of my experiments will be to compose one, just for S&G.  Steal it
out of the pi's jessie file.  Yeah, valid experiment that.

I believe lo is now inserted automatically.

I've just fired up a known-good RPi3 on a 3A PSU with Stretch 2017-09-07, and I think there's something fundamentally wrong: no display on HDMI, but capslock on the keyboard toggles as expected. This is definitely not something I can put substantial time into ATM, but I think there's a possibility of e.g. things being broken if there's no visible DHCP server.

Best I can suggest for the moment is keeping a close eye on the forum, since I think this is an Raspbian issue rather than more general Debian.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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