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Re: need sd card backup on r-pi-3b

I was just thinking of how waiting for wifi to connect hangs my pis
booting.  Times out at 1 minute 20 seconds or so.  If the interface
was supposed to be connected to the router to be considered to be up
that could be a problem.

lo is loopback,, always points to the machine you're on.
Won't help in this case.  Has its uses though.  Even windows95 had
traceroute, jeez.

On 9/24/17, Gene Heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 24 September 2017 17:50:22 Alan Corey wrote:
>> Try putting your static route in interfaces, in the eth0 section with
>> an up, like
>> iface eth0 inet static
>>     address
>>     netmask
>>     up route add default gw
>> I think post-up might be too late, maybe there's a pre-up.
> Whatever, didn't work either, so I was trying "variations on a theme" and
> locked myself out, so I pulled on some slippers and fished a light out
> of my pocket, opened the fire door out of the bedroom and padded across
> the back deck to the garage, to be  greeted by the monitor showing me an
> x login.  Neat, but no response from the keyboard or mouse. Reset it
> several times to no avail. ISTR seeing something about x killing the usb
> power on the forum. I can see the effect of keypresses while the boot
> msgs are scrolling by, so that forum msg now makes sense. Might have to
> round up a bigger psu, its running on a pi supply rated at 2.5 amps,
> mini-wall-wart type. I've got a bigger one lounging about in that midden
> heap, a meanwell perforated box rated at 3, maybe 4 amps.
> So I'll stick the card back in a reader tomorrow, see if I can find that
> eth0 file and remove my last variation, which was "pre-up" IIRC.  If
> that kills the x login, then Houston, we have a problem. :) Twon't be
> the first time I've had to backtrack. :)  Sigh...
> There is another possibility, ifconfig shows a lo interface but there
> isn't any such starter file!  There is an lo stanza on the jessie/pi. So
> one of my experiments will be to compose one, just for S&G.  Steal it
> out of the pi's jessie file.  Yeah, valid experiment that.
> Thanks Alan.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett
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