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Re: need sd card backup on r-pi-3b

On Monday 25 September 2017 05:15:36 Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:

> On 25/09/17 03:15, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Sunday 24 September 2017 17:50:22 Alan Corey wrote:
> >> Try putting your static route in interfaces, in the eth0 section
> >> with an up, like
> >>
> >> iface eth0 inet static
> >>      address
> >>      netmask
> >>      up route add default gw
> >>
> >> I think post-up might be too late, maybe there's a pre-up.
> post-up works reliably here, and I'm doing a lot of router stuff on
> them- but based on Jessie, and typically on pukka Debian rather than
> Raspbian.
> > Whatever, didn't work either, so I was trying "variations on a
> > theme" and locked myself out, so I pulled on some slippers and
> > fished a light out of my pocket, opened the fire door out of the
> > bedroom and padded across the back deck to the garage, to be 
> > greeted by the monitor showing me an x login.  Neat, but no response
> > from the keyboard or mouse. Reset it several times to no avail. ISTR
> > seeing something about x killing the usb power on the forum. I can
> > see the effect of keypresses while the boot msgs are scrolling by,
> > so that forum msg now makes sense. Might have to round up a bigger
> > psu, its running on a pi supply rated at 2.5 amps, mini-wall-wart
> > type. I've got a bigger one lounging about in that midden heap, a
> > meanwell perforated box rated at 3, maybe 4 amps.
> >
> > So I'll stick the card back in a reader tomorrow, see if I can find
> > that eth0 file and remove my last variation, which was "pre-up"
> > IIRC.  If that kills the x login, then Houston, we have a problem.
> > :) Twon't be the first time I've had to backtrack. :)  Sigh...
> >
> > There is another possibility, ifconfig shows a lo interface but
> > there isn't any such starter file!  There is an lo stanza on the
> > jessie/pi. So one of my experiments will be to compose one, just for
> > S&G.  Steal it out of the pi's jessie file.  Yeah, valid experiment
> > that.
> I believe lo is now inserted automatically.

Its not mentioned as a builtin in the debian handbook pdf, I read the 
networking section yesterday looking for clues. I've another machine 
about 3 feet from the rock64 thats logged into their forum.

> I've just fired up a known-good RPi3 on a 3A PSU with Stretch
> 2017-09-07, and I think there's something fundamentally wrong: no
> display on HDMI,

That I've had all along, from the first powerup. There's 3 or 4 threads 
about that on the forum that I need to re-read. But I get the impression 
most are winders escapees, if they say they've fixed it, they never give 
a clue as to HOW they fixed it. Frustrating to a new reader.

> but capslock on the keyboard toggles as expected. 

Thats from the batteries in the keyboard if its wireless. My logitech 
k-360s caps lock indicators work when they are out of radio reach.  
Thats the only keyboard I use here. The square sided keys aren't nearly 
as subject to being jammed down by flying swarf from a cutting tool 
throwing metal chips about.  The usual tapered side keys allow the swarf 
to follow the key down the side of the key, then jam the key down. 

Around cnc machinery thats very dangerous when the jammed key is one of 
the jog keys. The  machine runs till it hits something it wasn't 
supposed to, often breaking the cutting tool in addition to damaging the 
workpiece. Cutting tools can run north of $600 for some styles, like a 
2.5" diameter face mill with 6 to 8 replaceable carbide cutting inserts. 
Obviously I don't have one of those. So I write the code to make do with 
a $25 1/4" diameter end mill. Much slower of course. :(
> This is definitely not something I can put substantial time into ATM,
> but I think there's a possibility of e.g. things being broken if
> there's no visible DHCP server.
There is a dhcp server in the router. But its there only for my rather 
geriatric lappy which is being used maybe 2x a year, mostly to keep its 
install up to date. That, iirc, is the only place a mac address match 
WAS but I took that out when my sons with their smart phones were here 
last so they could get connected.

But that brings up a question: How do I give a machine a known name, so 
even if its address changes with the next connection, I can still login 
to it by that machine name? I am so used to static addresses, I never 
learned how to make dhcp work transparently.

> Best I can suggest for the moment is keeping a close eye on the forum,
> since I think this is an Raspbian issue rather than more general
> Debian.

I have been and expect to.

auyfan (spelling?) is I think the author of these releases. debian 
obviously does not have the manpower to support every SoC from Mr and 
Mrs ClodHopper, its simply not in the budget. And I understand that.

Its entirely possible that there are at least as many people working on 
LinuxCNC as there are working on debian for x86 stuffs. These folks do 
it for the love of it, but they're also working machine shop owners for 
$DAYJOB and $INCOME.  2 or 3 of them are Lockheed skunkworks types, one 
is an auto industry consultant, writing the ECU and cruise control stuff 
for darned near everybody. I've done some gui stuff thats 97% optional, 
but handy. CNC'ing an old machine, you usually lose the handwheels 
because theres a motor doing that job.  So I've concocted the gui code 
that lets a $20 hand dial that outputs a 100 ppr quadrature signal to be 
used in the mechanical hand cranks place. Movements as small as .0001", 
up to .2" per dial click are possible. 2 dials, 2 push buttons to 
control how they work on a lathe carriages front apron. Been thinking of 
making a 4 dial pendant for the mill but haven't found the round tuit 
yet. :( But with the wireless keyboards, its only a 4 foot carry to the 
machine for direct eyeball observation.

Now, I'd better go refill the missuses coffee cup and see what she wants 
for breakfast. She's a skinny thing, no padding, fell and busted a hip 
back in February, has COPD too so she's not getting around very good. So 
I'm doing it all.

Take care Mark.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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