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Re: contemplating conversion of an r-pi3b based system to a rock64

> There are priorities, like right now, my mower deck is laying on a work
> table, trying to get the belt paths re-aligned so it doesn't throw the

Well, what I did was to pop into a nearby Walmart and plunk down $859
for a new MTD on sale.  That was about 2002 and it's still going.
Carb needs rebuilding because the float valve doesn't shut off, stuck
in a manual shutoff valve.  Replaced a starter motor.  Other than that
just belts, blades and batteries, still has the original spark plug I

> suspension linkage.  That made 2 hours worth of work twisting the nuts
> to break the weld so I could actually drop the deck. Should have been
> about a minute on each side. Once on the table it was hours with a 4 lb
> hammer trying to reshape the deck to something it might have looked like
> before 20 years worth of rust weakened it, make new means of anchoring

Made me wonder if it was a Wheel Horse, but nope, John Deere.

> By the time mine fall out of the mailbox, maybe things will have
> improved, said the lab rat hopefully. That will be in the vicinity of 2
> weeks, maybe more.

It sounds like a good winter project if you can't use your lathe in
the winter.  I was studying XLib, just popped back into it and have
the beginnings of an SDR program without any fancy bloated
dependencies.  No QT, Java, framebuffer, GPU.
http://ab1jx.1apps.com/pix/misc2/xsdr_hotiron1.png  I'm overloading my
dongle I think, that's why all the crap's in there.  And all the
signals breathe.  But wow, moving pixels under X, never did that

No, I won't  call it "climate change", do you have a "reality problem"? - AB1JX
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