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Re: contemplating conversion of an r-pi3b based system to a rock64

On Sunday 27 August 2017 22:43:12 Alan Corey wrote:

> > There are priorities, like right now, my mower deck is laying on a
> > work table, trying to get the belt paths re-aligned so it doesn't
> > throw the
> Well, what I did was to pop into a nearby Walmart and plunk down $859
> for a new MTD on sale.  That was about 2002 and it's still going.
> Carb needs rebuilding because the float valve doesn't shut off, stuck
> in a manual shutoff valve.  Replaced a starter motor.  Other than that
> just belts, blades and batteries, still has the original spark plug I
> think.
> > suspension linkage.  That made 2 hours worth of work twisting the
> > nuts to break the weld so I could actually drop the deck. Should
> > have been about a minute on each side. Once on the table it was
> > hours with a 4 lb hammer trying to reshape the deck to something it
> > might have looked like before 20 years worth of rust weakened it,
> > make new means of anchoring
> Made me wonder if it was a Wheel Horse, but nope, John Deere.
> > By the time mine fall out of the mailbox, maybe things will have
> > improved, said the lab rat hopefully. That will be in the vicinity
> > of 2 weeks, maybe more.
> It sounds like a good winter project if you can't use your lathe in
> the winter.

Not a problem, garage is both heated and air conditioned.

> I was studying XLib, just popped back into it and have 
> the beginnings of an SDR program without any fancy bloated
> dependencies.  No QT, Java, framebuffer, GPU.
> http://ab1jx.1apps.com/pix/misc2/xsdr_hotiron1.png  I'm overloading my
> dongle I think, that's why all the crap's in there.  And all the
> signals breathe.  But wow, moving pixels under X, never did that
> before.

SDR? Software Defined Radio? Acronyms aren't my strong suit.  Looks like 
the makings of a Spectrum Analyzer? If thats the case, I don't see 
dongle rx overload as much as a crappy src signal. OTOH, SA front ends 
are very susceptable to permanent damage that will show up like that.  
And the fix was a trip back to tek, accompanied by a check for 5G's or 
so in the 70's.

If you get that working so the keyboard/mouse can come in on the BT 
circuit of the pi, you might solve my problem with the pi as I 
understand that BT does not get funneled thru the usb2 pinhole to get 
into the pi.

Good luck with that, its interesting.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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