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Re: iMX6 EOMA-68 CPU Card

On Mon, Apr 01, 2013 at 10:14:52PM +0100, Tim Small wrote:
> When necessary (e.g. long cable runs, or dot-clock limited DVI outputs),
> I've always been able to get the dotclock down far enough by reducing
> the refresh rate and/or using reduced blanking.  All my 1920x1200
> monitors have been happy with the result (right down to 1920x1200@24Hz,
> with reduced blank periods).  Some versions of the 'cvt' utility will
> allow the generation of reduced blanking modes at any vertical refresh
> rate (some won't).
> Yes, it's fiddling with XF86 Modelines again - just like you used to
> love back in the 1990s!

I remember helping a roommate in unversity in 1994 calculate a modeline
with a calculator to perfectly center the X display on his monitor
(which had crappy controls).  What a nightmare.  The result was excellent

Len Sorensen

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