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Re: Debian on ARM Chromebook?

W dniu 28.02.2013 21:08, Shawn pisze:
> You need the marvell wireless firmware, either from the chromeos 
> image, or marvell firmware git: in order to get the wifi working.

Required firmware is now part of official linux-firmware git:


I sent two patches from Marvell repo and they got included.

> Marcin, did you even look over my version of vboot-tools. I really 
> think mine is better because it fixes bugs and runs the test suite 
> successfully. I did consider joining my packaging with your git, but 
> after looking after it, and upstream releasing a stable branch, I 
> went with my tree, and incorporated alot of stuff, like package 
> descriptions, from your and Tericino's work.

I have lot of other work in a queue so did not looked too much at your
changes. During next week I will probably discuss that with Antonio
Terceiro during Linaro Connect.

> I like working with you both, and wonder out how to get my 
> OpenEGL/GLES working that you apparently have gotten working.

I take only Chromebook with my to Hong Kong so will take a look at few
things working properly.

> This is not a x86 laptop Mark, this is the ARM chromebook, although 
> all the linux kernels build from the same chrome kernel git 
> repository.

On x86 ones I would rather try distro kernels than ChromeOS ones.

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