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RE: Debian on ARM Chromebook?

Marcin, Shawn,


Thanks for your nice replies.  I now have a place to start.  I am a bit intimidated, though.  I rarely have a need for chroot, and I never have done a debootstrap of a system, and what with the need to sign kernels and all, well, it's a lot to take in at once.  I am midgrade in knowledge, capable of making a general fool of myself over on Debian-user list and can hold my own with basic admin chores, but the lower-level system stuff, I am new to.  


I hope you can be patient when I ask dumb questions.  Thanks for your help!


(I was asking about it to make sure, because I think some of the stuff I found was for the Acer x86 Chromebook.  A real Chromebook, but not what I am working with.)





This is not a x86 laptop Mark, this is the ARM chromebook, although all the linux kernels build from the same chrome kernel git repository.


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