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Re: Debian on ARM Chromebook?

W dniu 27.02.2013 21:25, Mark Allums pisze:
> Please excuse me if I am repeating old discussions, I am not having good
> luck with Google.
> Has anyone successfully installed Debian-ARM to a XE303C12 Samsung
> Chromebook? All the instructions I have seen refer to pre-prepared images.
> The images I have found are either for Ubuntu, or are for x86.  
> Links to a good tutorial?  Advice?

I wrote a howto [1] for installing Ubuntu 13.04 but it can be easily
adapted for Debian. The differences are where from to get
packages/binaries needed to sign kernel and manipulate partition table.

You will need "cgpt" and "vbutil_kernel" binaries which you can take
from ChromeOS or rebuild Ubuntu packages or grab "vboot-utils" from
Debian NEW queue and rebuild it.

For kernel I strongly suggest using one from Ubuntu:
linux-image-chromebook-3.4.0-5. It also may need rebuilding for Debian
due to different dependencies in both systems (like firmware package
which has other name).


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