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Re: iMX6 EOMA-68 CPU Card (or rather arguing over what a boot loader should do)

On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 01:55:48PM -0600, Bill Gatliff wrote:
> With all due respect, I'll just say this: it WILL go wrong.  There is
> no point designing for a universe where things will not go wrong,
> because that universe simply does not exist.
> So if your plan does not include an accommodation for that, your
> system is fundamentally incomplete.  End of story.

Well they are dual partitioned and the compact flash is easy to swap.

Restoring over the network (especially the internet) would not be accepted
security wise.

> Again, in the real world things simply go wrong: hardware failures,
> buggy code, unstable power supplies, butterflies, and so on.  You must
> be prepared to deal with them.


> Users are far more accepting of the inevitable failure when they also
> see that you have planned for it and already have a recovery strategy
> in place.
> That's professionalism.

I just don't think being able to rewrite a system via the internet using
the bootloader is reasonable.  A recovery method certainly does have to
exist, but it doesn't have to be that big and complex.

I like things simple and the linux kernel isn't simple.  It isn't a
boot loader.  Maybe my view is tainted by what the netwinder and MILO did.

I have done the kernel + ramdisk for recovery with network download.
I am not proud of that work at all.  I think it is a disgusting hack
job and am happy it is no longer used.  I like the dual partition setup
a lot better, since it also means you can roll back upgrades should
something not work with an upgrade.  Certainly takes twice the flash
resources though, which could be a problem.

Len Sroensen

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