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Workstation based on ARM motherboard, good idea ?


I'm wondering if it's a good idea to build a workstation based on ARM motherboard.

My  needs are :

- X desktop, Awesome or perharps Gnome3
- remote admin with ssh
- web browser
- libreoffice and pdf reader for reading and writing documentation
- music listening :)
- SIP/Voip client like Twinkle
- Installing any packets for testing config in pre-prod env.

So I'm asking if ARM plateform is a good choice at this time for a workstation ?

As it's better, to have a SATA port for read/write performances, there is not a big choice on mother board and I found only one, it's the last from Freescale base on i-MX6, and 1Gb network interface is a good point too. But I did'nt find if I can install Debian armhf (squeeze or wheezy) on it, so have you some informations about this point?

This wil be a personnal workstation, so I don't have thousand and thousand of € :).

My idea is to get a little workstation, in size and power consumption.
If you have other ideas, tell me I'll look at them.



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