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Re: pandaboard install.


On 31/08/2012, phi gcc <phi.gcc@gmail.com> wrote:
> Basically I'd like to have a boot usb disc (though I may boot sd if
> required) boot a non win system, console io is enough to me, and a LAN
> connection.

You will need an SD anyway to boot the kernel afaik. At least that is
how I do it.
I took the latest upstream kernel and cross-compiled it for the
pandaboard. If needed I can dig up the kernel config I used for it
(which I hopefully still have somewhere)
You then just need to edit the kernel boot parameters to boot from usb
(I used an usb disk)

I used http://wiki.debian.org/EmDebian/CrossDebootstrap for making my
armhf  initial root file system. I had to play around a bit with it to
get it running and starting well, but I do not remember the details.

> A plus would be to be able to spawn a vnc server (I got no spare
> display to hook).

Well once you have debian and apt running I guess this should be a breeze.

> I started to read the panda wiki and so far my choices seems to be
> android or ubuntu. I'd like to stick with debian is that possible ?

Of course. Those are just reference systems. And there should be Angstrom also.


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