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Re: pandaboard install.

On Aug 31, 2012, at 08:24, phi gcc wrote:

> Hi All,
> I received my PandaBox faster than my rasberry Pi delayed 5 more weeks.
> I'd like to know (if someone have pointers) what would be my best start with it.

There are a bunch of resources for the Pandaboard. Try Pandaboard.org or OMAPpedia

> My need is kernel build, non graphic module testing, probably getting
> kernel crash.
> The kernel build phase could be x86 hosted, yet testing and crash remains :)

"Kernel crash" is not very informative. You might want to invest some time describing your issues in detail with error messages if you have any.
> Basically I'd like to have a boot usb disc (though I may boot sd if
> required) boot a non win system, console io is enough to me, and a LAN
> connection.

You can boot from USB with the panda. SD works too. Once you have your ethernet up you can use ssh, but there is a terminal port on the board and you can use things like screen or minicom to get a consol.

> A plus would be to be able to spawn a vnc server (I got no spare
> display to hook).

This is fairly easy to do.

> I started to read the panda wiki and so far my choices seems to be
> android or ubuntu. I'd like to stick with debian is that possible ?

Yes, Debian is definitely possible.

> Thanx in advance for all valuable inputs
> Cheers,
> Phi



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