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Re: Compile ARM files using ldscript.ld on Debian-ARM

please could you explain what version qemu and details about your
virtual machine. if possible post memory size, version of gcc and
environment variables.

2012/8/27, Carla Torres <flacarla19@hotmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to emulate ARM machine using Debian-ARM with QEMU.
> I want to execute some files.s using a ldscript.ld file where I specify
> this:
> {.text 0x0C000000: {_btext = .;*(.data)*(.text)_etext = .;}.bss 0x0C100000:
> {_bbss = .;*(.bss)_ebss = .;}}
> Using these commands:
>   a) creación de objeto:  gcc -c file.s -g  b) creación de ejecutable: ld -o
> exec -T ldscript.ld file.o -g -nostdlib
> But I get a segmentation fault error because it can't access to the
> specified memory directions in ldscript.ld.
> Is there any way to fix it? Can I force the memory access to these
> directions?
> Thanks in advance!!
> Fdo: Carla 		 	   		

gilberto dos santos alves
são paulo - sp - brasil

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