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Re: OpernRD "Ultimate" with two USB hard disks. How to tell uboot which one to boot from?

On 12/08/12 01:45, Rick Thomas wrote:
> A bit more than half the time, when I reboot the machine, uboot tries
> (and fails) to boot from the data disk.  To be sure of a good reboot, I
> need to physically disconnect the data disk and re-plug it after the
> kernel is loaded but before the file system check phase.

I have almost precisely the same setup with a SheevaPlug. This appears
to be a problem with uboot; I suspect its USB support is pretty dodgy.

I eventually gave up trying to fix this and instead load the kernel and
initrd off an SD card. I realise this isn't technically an answer to
your question, but it may be the easiest way to get things running

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