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Re: uboot-envtools parameter file for Marvel OpenRD "ultimate"

On Sat, 2012-08-11 at 23:47 -0700, Rick Thomas wrote: 
> The "examples" directory for the uboot-envtools contains sample  
> fw_env.config files for several machine types, but not one that seems  
> to relate to my Marvell OpenRD "ultimate" box.  Does anybody on this  
> list have one?
> Given the popularity of Debian on the Marvell "plug" machines, does  
> anybody know why they and the OpenRD boxes aren't represented there?
> Should I submit a "wishlist" bug?
> Thanks!
> Rick

This works for my sheevaplug, however I had to change by root cmd
partitioning to have a partition for the start of the NAND:

/dev/mtd0       0xa0000 0x020000        0x20000

#my commandline:
# cat /proc/cmdline 
console=ttyS0,115200 ubi.mtd=2 root=ubi0:rootfs rootfstype=ubifs rw
mtdparts=orion_nand:0x100000@0x0(u-boot),0x400000@0x100000(uImage),0x1fb00000@0x500000(rootfs) rw

-Shawn Landden

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