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Re: ARM dev boards for Debian and QEMU [was: Just suscribed.]

On Aug 10, 2012, at 15:39, David Given wrote:

> phi gcc wrote:
> [...]
>> Meanwhile I investigate QEMU... (I go ask a qemu question regarding
>> networking)....
> If you're doing kernel development, qemu has one killer feature in that
> it's got gdb integration. You can, at any point, halt the emulated
> processor and debug what it's doing. Which means that when you get a
> mysterious triple fault for no apparent reason you can actually find out
> *why*. It makes early-stage debugging so, so much easier.

Sweet. Any other tips? I'm hoping to apply the AF_BUS patch to the Linaro kernel for the Freescale iMX53 Quick Start Board. The patch isn't accepted upstream in mainline for some reason, even though it speeds up dbus by 2x. In any case, rebuilding the kernel on the board it self is, well, time consuming. 

I've set up an armel chroot with debootstrap (great tool) and I've copied a qemu-static-arm binary into /usr/bin so I'm hoping that working in that chroot will speed things up a bit. But any other advice you may have would be warmly welcomed. :-)

> (I have got an OS up and running on a dev board where the only debugging
> feature was an LED. That was 'fun'. And yes, I did do it in the snow
> while walking uphill both ways!)

But were you writing assembly in a hex editor?



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