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Re: ARM dev boards for Debian and QEMU [was: Just suscribed.]

On Thu, Aug 09, 2012 at 01:54:19PM +0200, phi gcc wrote:
> About QEMU, I am a bit ilitereate about QEMU/KVM, I know only vbox and
> its trivial GUI, I will look if booting an ARM kernel in a QEMU guest
> is ok regarding perf and kernel build.

It's *significantly* quicker to do a build on a qemu-emulated ARM system
running on a nice modern x86 system than it is to do it on any of the ARM
systems I've ever had (although, admittedly, I've not tried any of the
modern shiny GHz+ ARM systems).

Also, I think this is about the cheapest ARM dev board around:


Supposedly very Linux-friendly, etc.  NFI how good/bad/otherwise it is.  The
lack of SATA ports has been commented upon, but for a dev board, it should
be OK.

- Matt

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