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Re: Just suscribed.


> I just suscribed to this list. I'd like to ask a very first question
> that I guess is a FAQ, but I didn't find an easy answer yet.

Well it is not a very on-topic question but let's see if we can give
you some pointers.

> I need to build my own debian linux kernel on an ARM machine, to
> develop and debug some kernel code (experimental). I wonder what would
> be a reasonable evaluation board to use for this. I ordered a Rasberry
> pi but it takes for ever to get it and wonder if I can got another
> similar kind of board tiny board (in the range of $100).

Other boards you could try are the beagleboard/beaglebone and the
pandaboard. (I myself have the experimental debian armhf running on a
pandaboard with a USB disk)

Here is already an howto to run Debian on a beagleboard:
This is more or less the same for the cheaper beaglebone.



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