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Re: modern cheap NAS fully supported by Debian?

John Winters wrote:
> On 05/08/12 21:40, David Given wrote:
> [snip]
>> I run cowlark.com on a SheevaPlug attached to a terabyte of spinning
>> disk and 64GB of SSD.
> I'm intrigued - how is your SSD connected to the SheevaPlug?

It's a Kingston SATA3 disk connected via a USB2 caddy:


I imagine it feels very frustrated.

That said, I get about 27MB/s from both the SSD and the spinning disk,
which is entirely reasonable. (The Mele A1000's native SATA runs at
about 30-35MB/s.) By comparison I get 20MB/s from the SD card.

Given the USB issues I've been vaguely thinking about shunting the root
filesystem onto an SD card. It'll do bad things for performance but will
mean that whenever the USB wobbles, the machine doesn't hang.

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