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Re: modern cheap NAS fully supported by Debian?

Am 2012-08-03 20:44, schrieb Timo Jyrinki:
2012/7/20 Nicola Bernardini <nicb@sme-ccppd.org>:>
I gave up on my NSLU 2 which seems irremediably broken (my guess is that the RAM is botched) and I would like to buy another NAS in that price range or whereabouts. And of course, I would like to be able to run a full Debian system on it. Debian Squeeze would be fine, but I can
install Woody if need be. What do you think is a good  buy?

Being a happy owner of an (now) officially Debian supported NAS device
for many years, I wouldn't go for anything else if I'd be upgrading
now: http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/. In other words, I'd not
stare at small megahertz differences etc., just getting the one that
has support beginning from installer.

I love my orion based QNAP TS-109, and currently would upgrade to QNAP
TS-119 if I would have the need, but QNAP isn't cheap. So maybe the
Plug variants mentioned on the page instead.

I've been following this discussion with great interest, since I am in a similar

What is the real advantage of running Debian on a NAS? I'm presently using a NSLU2 under Debian for collecting and graphing energy data in my home. Now I need a NAS, whose primary purpose is central data storage and backup, while using a minimal amount of energy. I am concerned that running Debian on the
NAS and make it take over the NSLU2's tasks might counteract the energy
saving features of the NAS, such as disk spindown.

Any ideas or experience on this?

Regards, Richard

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