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Re: modern cheap NAS fully supported by Debian?

On 05/08/12 21:01, Mauricio Tavares wrote:
>       You are not alone. A while ago I read about this guy who had a
> webserver for customers and went from a Sparc box to a laptop and then
> to a Seagate Dockstar with external drive. And now it is being powered
> by solar arrays, which also charge the batteries for when sun is not
> out. I do not think I will has a setup that will use no grid power,
> but I am trying to be as efficient as I can.

I run cowlark.com on a SheevaPlug attached to a terabyte of spinning
disk and 64GB of SSD. It does public-facing SMTP, HTTP, NNTP, IMAP,
answerphone, local DNS, local file serving, spam detection, backups and
a bunch of other things (including Java servlets!). The entire stack,
including disks, ADSL router, wireless router, modem (a repurposed
Amstrad E3), a couple of powered USB hubs and UPS, consumes about 35W.

That's really more than I'd like, but it's still sufficiently small that
it really confuses the UPS capacity measurement algorithms --- it thinks
there's enough battery capacity of 100 minutes, but it's more like 45.
Given that it's rated for 5, I'm not complaining.

The SheevaPlug is more than satisfactory, CPU-wise. I got redditted
once; it didn't even blink. Of course, being plugged into a domestic
ADSL line helps. Hardware-wise, the USB is ever so slightly flaky and it
hangs once a month when the hard disk vanishes.

I suspect that most of the power usage is overhead in using lots of
little power supplies plugged into the same power strip. I'm currently
building a replacement based around a Mele A1000 that runs all off the
same power supply, that should be faster, more reliable and less energy
intensive, but right now the kernel's horribly flaky and it's not usable.

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