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Re: The new armhf in town...

Mike Thompson <mpthompson@gmail.com> writes:
> I personally prefer to work with an installer, but unfortunately, with
> the SD card media it can be very slow to use so 95% or more of users

Ack, we have the same problem on openmoko. http://liw.fi/vmdebootstrap/
is an interesting alternative but I haven't had time to test it fully.

> Peter is working on a Debian derived kernel for the Pi, but we'll need

Just taking the debian linux package and dropping the extra patches to
debian/patches is surprisingly easy. At least on openmoko the largest
problems are that debian kernels typically enable all possible
configuration options and some of them have not been tested on
openmoko (for example cpufreq breaks suspend). Apart from


I'm only aware of one other unofficial fork of the linux package:


Are there others?

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