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Re: The new armhf in town...

Did you consider to integrate this project tighter with Debian
I don't think it will ever be in debian proper for a couple of reasons

Firstly I think it would be very difficult to get the powers that be to
approve an arm arm variant in debian  that mainly  targets one device
(the impression I get is that other than the Pi and low end smartphones
armv6 is fairly uncommon)

The second problem is that the debian archive has no understanding
of what I call "flavours". When I say flavour in this context I mean
a variant that changes minimum CPU requirements while keeping
the ABI the same. Precedent from both ubuntu and the evoloution
of various ports is that changing minimum CPU requirements without
changing the ABI does not change the debian port name. However
only one port of a given name can be in a given repository at a given

Having said that I would certainly appreciate it if debian could do
things in a way that is more friendly to derivatives like raspbian.
In particular it would be very nice to have the defaults for gcc
set in a central place rather than duplicated across god knows
how many source packages (we have modified at least 6 so far
and I'm pretty sure I missed some).

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