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Re: The new armhf in town...

[CC'ing only because you did, JFYI, I am subscribed to debian-arm]

On Mi, 18 iul 12, 19:04:20, peter green wrote:
> >Did you consider to integrate this project tighter with Debian
> I don't think it will ever be in debian proper for a couple of reasons
> Firstly I think it would be very difficult to get the powers that be to
> approve an arm arm variant in debian  that mainly  targets one device
> (the impression I get is that other than the Pi and low end smartphones
> armv6 is fairly uncommon)
> The second problem is that the debian archive has no understanding
> of what I call "flavours". When I say flavour in this context I mean
> a variant that changes minimum CPU requirements while keeping
> the ABI the same. Precedent from both ubuntu and the evoloution
> of various ports is that changing minimum CPU requirements without
> changing the ABI does not change the debian port name. However
> only one port of a given name can be in a given repository at a given
> time.

I'm aware of the above. I was thinking more of contributing patches back 
to Debian, maybe even using alioth for your hosting, etc.

FYI, the image works fine (Thanks!), but it is a bit too customized for 
my taste[1]. Also, your GPG key is not singed by anyone (a trust path to 
Debian would be great).

I'm talking mostly about small stuff like that.

[1] This is not a bad thing in itself, considering the audience for it, 
but I'd still like a pristine Raspbian installation, even I have to do 
it by hand. Admittedly, I did not look in the forum for instructions yet, 
since I don't really like forums :(

Kind regards,

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