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Re: The new armhf in town...

Anton Gladky wrote:
Thanks for the work!

I have a question regarding repositories. As I understand, you
have now your own one with recompiled binary-packages for
Raspberry Pi. How will it further proceed with updating and adding
new packages into this repository? Will they be automatically
synced from Debian main archive and recompiled or will it
be in "hand-mode"?
Our current setup is that source packages and arch all packages (other
than ones where we have made local changes) are pulled into our
wheezy-staging suite from debian wheezy then our autobuilders build
and upload the architecture specific binaries to wheezy-staging.

We then have a tool that checks all binaries from a source package are
in-sync and does some crude dependency checks (nowhere near as
thourough as what britney does but hopefully enough to catch most
breakage) and when they pass the checks migrates them to our wheezy

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