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Re: ARM kernel cross compilation issues for iMX53

W dniu 16.03.2012 22:51, Mike Thompson pisze:

> I've had my iMX53 Quick Start for a few days now and I've been spending
> my time getting a basic stable Debian configuration on it.  I hope you
> don't mind me asking a few questions about the configuration you
> documented at: http://eewiki.net/display/linuxonarm/i.MX53+Quick+Start
> At this point, I'm building your ||kernel and what I
> believe is called the 2.6.35_11.01.00 kernel included with the Freescale
> BSP and LTIB utility for the i.MX53 Quick Start.  I'm trying to
> understand the differences between the two so I can learn by comparing
> and contrasting.
> One of the first problems I ran into is that I can't build a working
> u-boot using LTIB. 

Why not check Linaro u-boot/kernel for this board? I am using 3.1 kernel
and 2012.02 u-boot - both from Ubuntu 'precise' repository.

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