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Re: debootstrap --second-stage fails in armhf due to fail setting up cron. BUG?

El 19 de enero de 2012 11:37, Dominique Dumont <domi.dumont@free.fr> escribió:
Le Thursday 19 January 2012 01:42:58, Iker Salmón San Millán a écrit :
> related /usr/sbin/addgroup lines:
> 85    my $nogroup_id = getgrnam("nogroup") || 65534;
> 86    $0 =~ s+.*/++;
> 87
> 88    our $verbose = 1;        # should we be verbose?

Well, according to perlvar(1) (look for \$0), modifying $0 is not portable.
(In this case, I don't see the point: addgroup program is short lived, hence
shortening the process name is not likely to be useful.)

Since perl5.14, prctl is used to modify the process name through $0. prctl may
have issues on older kernel.

This may be a perl 5.14 bug. OTOH, changing $0 in addgroup is a bad idea.



Thanks for your response, but i still don't know what to do in this case, should I report this bug to perl? or just wait to see how this discussion goes?

I've tried to debootstrap in my sheeva plug in order to see of this had relation with cross-debootstrap or something, but now i have another wierd issue.  I cannot chroot in my sheeva. Nothing happens when y execute chroot target.  Not even  an error or fail message, it simply makes nothing.  Anyway this has no relation with the initial issue so, i'll see what i can find.

Thanks again


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