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debootstrap --second-stage fails in armhf due to fail setting up cron. BUG?


First of all please cc me because i am not subscribed to this list, and excuse me for my english.

I was trying to build a basic rootfs of armhf.

I've found this:
and i've been diggin in this list looking for information about this but i am not pretty sure about how is going this new architecture. I've already try ubuntu arm in my tf101 and build my own debian arm image and installed in my trasnformer with some succes, but when I try with armhf i get this error in the second stage of debootstrap:

Setting up cron (3.0pl1-120+b1) ...
Can't set $0 with prctl(): Bad address at /usr/sbin/addgroup line 86.
dpkg: error processing cron (--configure):
 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 14
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of logrotate:
 logrotate depends on cron | anacron | fcron | cron-daemon; however:
  Package cron is not configured yet.
  Package anacron is not installed.
  Package fcron is not installed.
  Package cron-daemon is not installed.
  Package cron which provides cron-daemon is not configured yet.
dpkg: error processing logrotate (--configure):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:

related /usr/sbin/addgroup lines:

85    my $nogroup_id = getgrnam("nogroup") || 65534;
86    $0 =~ s+.*/++;
88    our $verbose = 1;        # should we be verbose?

are you guys aware of this?  is it too early to report this?

By the way, i've been using qemu-arm-static to do this like i've done with arm before, maybe should be in the future qemu-armhf-static or is it already in upstream but not packaged? i don't really now the real diferences of this two architectures.

i also own a sheeva plug with a working debian instalation but i haven't try to do this in the sheeva because it's in another house miles away and the upload rate is not very high and i wasn't planning to wait hours for downloading the builded image.  I also thougth i would need also qemu to debootstrap in the sheeva but now i realize that they are kind of compatible architectures.

Any tip or something to read?



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