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help with ruby-ffi on armhf - several failing tests (#656809)

Dear armhf porters,

I need some help from you to solve a ruby-ffi FTBFS on armhf. The source
builds, but several unit tests fail, and they are all related to float
pointing numbers.


I am attaching a simple test script that reveals the problem without having to
run the full test suite. To run it:

  * get the ruby-ffi source and install build dependencies
  * run the test script from the root of the sources with something like:
    $ ruby /path/to/ruby-ffi-test-armhf.rb

A second run will produce a cleaner output, since it doesn't need to
build the C code anymore.

It doesn't matter whether you use ruby 1.8 or 1.9, the same tests fail
on both.

On amd64, the test script gives me:

Expected 100, got 100
Expected 1.5, got 1.5
Expected 2.7, got 2.7

On the sid chroot in harris.debian.org, I get:

Expected 100, got 100
Expected 1.5, got 2.90211670708434e-102
Expected 2.7, got 2.90085606709136e-102

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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