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Re: winff fails to build on Armel: unit path of lazarus points to 0.9.30 i.s.o.

Hi Hector et al.

>> Arm: 4) Can somebody help me by trying the build on an other machine? If
>> not this list, who should I ask to try the build on an other armel buildd?
> I tried to build your package on abel.d.o (armel porterbox), I can
> reduce the failure to:

Unfortunately winff can not be build on ANY architecture with the error
below because of bug 656251 [1] in the compiler. So unfortunately, we
can not debug this issue at the moment, unless we also rebuild lazarus.

> Error: Illegal parameter: -WG

> If you need a guest account on armel machine, please forward me
> requested details at:
>   < http://dsa.debian.org/doc/guest-account/ >
> and I'll be more than happy to get you all set to fix the problem.

I already submit my request to new-maintainer@debian.org for a guest
account on 1 Jan 2012 and I sent a reminder on 10 Jan 2012. I haven't
heard back. If I get a guest account, there are some things that I could
check. Relevant info copied below as well.


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=656251

- First/Middle/Last-name
Paul Mathijs Gevers

- Preferred username
paul or elbrus or paul.gevers

- GPG key fingerprint (if key is in the debian-maintainers keyring), or
key if not.
5F82 93EE 5207 FE0C 526D 4A97 1CD5 2D7B AAFE 086A

- email address

- Signed agreement to abide by DMUP (or link to the mailinglist archive
of debian-newmaint where that already was done)

- Machine(s)/Architecture(s) to which access is needed

- Short rationale as to why access is needed
winff fails to build on armel. I don't believe this is caused by my
package itself, but I want to see if I can reproduce the problem and if
possible propose the proper fix for it.

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