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Re: winff fails to build on Armel: unit path of lazarus points to 0.9.30 i.s.o.


2012/1/14 Paul Gevers <paul@climbing.nl>:
> So basically my questions are:
> Abou: 1) Where do the the paths get set for the units, as I believe I
> don't set them in my package (as on all other architectures there are no
> problems at all).
> Abou: 2) Do you have any idea how to solve this problem (in Lazarus, or
> in Winff)?
> All: 3) Do you have any debugging hints as I don't have access to an
> armel machine yet, but I did get a response on the mentors list that
> said he could not reproduce the problem on a QEMUed armel chroot [3].
> Arm: 4) Can somebody help me by trying the build on an other machine? If
> not this list, who should I ask to try the build on an other armel buildd?

I tried to build your package on abel.d.o (armel porterbox), I can
reduce the failure to:

(sid)zumbi@abel:~/winff-1.4.1$ lazbuild --widgetset=gtk2 -B winff.lpr

NOTE: miscellaneous options file not found - using defaults

TBaseCompilerOptions.MakeOptionsString UnitOutputDirectory="" CurOutputDir=""
TCompiler.Compile WorkingDir="/home/zumbi/winff-1.4.1/"
CompilerFilename="/usr/bin/fpc" CompilerParams=" -MObjFPC -Sgi -O1 -g
-XX  -k--as-needed -WG -vewnhi -l
-Fu/usr/lib/lazarus/ -Fu. -owinff
-dLCL -dLCLgtk2 winff.lpr"
[TCompiler.Compile] CmdLine="/usr/bin/fpc -B  -MObjFPC -Sgi -O1 -g -XX
 -k--as-needed -WG -vewnhi -l
-Fu/usr/lib/lazarus/ -Fu. -owinff
-dLCL -dLCLgtk2 winff.lpr"
Hint: Start of reading config file /etc/fpc.cfg
Hint: End of reading config file /etc/fpc.cfg
Error: Illegal parameter: -WG
ERROR: failed compiling of project /home/zumbi/winff-1.4.1/winff.lpi

If you need a guest account on armel machine, please forward me
requested details at:
  < http://dsa.debian.org/doc/guest-account/ >
and I'll be more than happy to get you all set to fix the problem.

Kind regards,
 Héctor Orón  -.. . -... .. .- -.   -.. . ...- . .-.. --- .--. . .-.

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