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Re: Can't boot kernel 3.0.8 on Efika smarttop

Le Wednesday 4 January 2012 19:48:36, Arnaud Patard a écrit :
> > All of these images are armhf. Is armel completely out ? 
> > (too bad I've just created an armel chroot, well, I can redo this in
> > armhf).
> kernel doesn't care about armel or armhf so you can boot into a armel or
> armhf rootfs with the same kernel. No need to redo it.

Thanks, I can boot the smarttop from these images. Unfortunately, HDMI video 
is not working.

I've fallen back on the image provided by Genesi. I had to resize it, update 
packages, recompile libsdl-perl to get my sdl/perl application running :-) 

I'm amazed that with perl, xorg, sdl, POE and Mouse, only 40MB of memory are 

All the best 

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