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Re: Can't boot kernel 3.0.8 on Efika smarttop

Le Wednesday 4 January 2012 18:19:40, Konstantinos Margaritis a écrit :
> > Is this a known problem ?
> Yes, unfortunately getting a 3.x kernel to boot on an Efika
> Smarttop/Smartbook has proven to be a real PITA. We're working on it
> and we'll post kernel images here soon. In the meantime you might like
> to check the images at:
> http://people.debian.org/~zumbi/linux-2.6/

All of these images are armhf. Is armel completely out ? 
(too bad I've just created an armel chroot, well, I can redo this in armhf).

I guess that the *mx5 packages are the best shot. Am I right ?

> > How can I solve this issue ?
> Are you good at kernel coding? :)

Well, I did some stuff on DVB and ALSA, but it's been a while ... I can hack 
here and there, but I'd rather avoid going back there ;-)

All the best

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