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Re: Debian GNU/Linux on tablet hardware

On 28/10/11 17:59, Zygmunt Krynicki wrote:
> Here the
> people that write the BSP cannot solve the problem and just implement
> their own solution to meet the deadline.

Just to expand on this: right now the BSPs are mostly written by
hardware manufacturers, and hardware manufacturers have a radically
different mindset to software manufacturers. Where we're mostly
interested in provided generic solutions that can be applied to a wide
range of devices, they care only about specific deliverables, and once
the deadline has been met they no longer care about it --- because they
have a new deliverable deadline to meet.

As an example: I recently worked with a god-awful television
motherboard. (It actually ran MIPS, but that's irrelevant to this.) For
the audio system, instead of writing a /dev/dsp driver, they instead
wrote a library which used IPC to talk to a userspace daemon which
mmapped /dev/kmem and poked the DSP registers directly. Why? Because the
only software that was *ever* going to need to play audio was their own,
and this approach was more flexible, simplified project dependencies,
and above all saved valuable development time.

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