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Re: Debian GNU/Linux on tablet hardware

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 5:59 PM, Zygmunt Krynicki
<zygmunt.krynicki@linaro.org> wrote:

> Disclaimer: I'm not a kernel developer. I have experience in the non-Intel
> part of the world but I'm not the sort of person with up-to-date hands-on
> experience. For those folks please look at traffic in
> linaro-dev@lists.linaro.org and at our patchwork instance at
> patches.linaro.org. You can see what kind of patches we push upstream and if
> they have landed yet.

 ok - this is potentially misleading, zygmunt, at best irrelevant.
ok, shall i point out a correction, and you, or someone else from
linaro, can, if it is incorrect, provide the required corrections,

 by mentioning the above patch queue (on the debian-arm list), then
*despite* previously mentioning that linaro is "between the vendors
and the kernel developers", there is a risk that people could not
connect the dots between this and the previous paragraph (seen that
happen so many times it's unreal) and thus it would appear - to them -
that linaro is *still* seen to quotes be an authority unquotes
regarding patches [for specific hardware].  the correction - if any is
needed - is that linaro is NOT an "authority" of ANY KIND regarding
"definitive patchsets" or in fact an authority of any kind PERIOD.

 linaro is, in fact an "accelerator", helping SoC vendors to push
"lowest common denominator" code into the linux kernel for the
convenience of *MULTIPLE* hardware and software developers using that
PARTICULAR SoC, but linaro are not, repeat NOT "direct" suppliers of
linux kernel source code for a specific device.

 perhaps if any code for a particular device _is_ pushed upstream by
linaro, it is almost "by accident", by nature of it, for example,
being a particular example "BSP" or convenient "Reference Platform".

 putting it into context: linaro is paid by _SoC Vendors_.  linaro is
*not* paid by individual Hardware Factories (afaik) to do
hardware-specific, device-specific linux kernel development.

 thus in that context, whilst it is nice that linaro is doing upstream
patches, and it's nice that you mentioned it, it is in the context of
this discussion, "off-topic".

 would that be a correct assessment?

 i apologise a) if it is not - please do correct things b) for feeling
obligated to point out that linaro's patches and patch development is


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