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Re: Suggestions for a SheevaPlug replacement

David Given wrote (ao):
> I'm looking for some hardware to replace my elderly SheevaPlug house
> server --- it's working very well, but there are ongoing niggling
> problems with USB and storage, and I'd like something with more ports.
> I'm very intrigued by the new Dreamplug, which looks ideal.
> Unfortunately it's not cost effective. Here in the UK it would cost 160
> pounds (including JTAG module so I get a console), and I can buy a Revo
> R3700 mini-PC for only 180, and that's got 2GB RAM, a dual-core D525
> Atom processor, 160GB HDD, etc. I don't want to switch away from ARM but
> I've got to be realistic.

If it's really about the money, just keep your SheevaPlug :-)

I'd say you are allowed to spend a bit more on an ARM device as it is
your hobby ;-)

> So can anyone suggest any Debian-friendly hardware I should look at?
> Ideally I want something with two ethernet ports and eSATA; I've had
> enough of ethernet via slightly unreliable USB...

An OpenRD-Ultimate might be something for you:

eSata, 7x USB, 2x ethernet and PCIe x1.

I'm very happy with my OpenRD-Client.

I've ordered a PandaBoard which is dual core, has 1GB RAM and should
work with the armhf port of Debian. Should be at least twice as fast as
the SheevaPlug/OpenRD. Unfortunately it has no eSata and only 3x USB, so
that might not be an option for your.


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