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Re: beaglebuddy zippy

On 25/10/2010 16:55, Robert Nelson wrote:
That one is a pretty old development kernel, does my stable kernel do
the same thing?


Install script:
Ok with that kernel and buddy=zippy the beagleboard boots and the rtc on the
beaglebuddy now works (though I had to manually reconfigure the init scripts
to use it)
Cool, good to hear that's working..

The ethernet still doesn't seem to work though.

[   20.766082] enc28j60 spi4.0: enc28j60 Ethernet driver 1.01 loaded
[   20.858734] enc28j60 spi4.0: enc28j60 chip not found
[   20.906494] enc28j60: probe of spi4.0 failed with error -5

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?
Are you 100% sure it's a zippy with the Microchip enc28j60?
About as sure as I can be, there is a green sticker covering most of the part number on the Ethernet chip (I could remove this but i'm not sure if doing so would void any gaurantees so i'd rather not) on the Ethernet chip but the bit of the part number I can see is "enc" and the pin count are consistent with an ENC28J60.

Looking at the photos of the zippy2 the ethernet chip on it looks very different

zippy2 is exactly the same layout except it uses a Micrel ksz8851
chipset. It'll say "Micrel/Tincantools.com" and "P/N
KSZ8851SNL-BBE-EVAL" on it..
No mention of Micrel anywhere on my board


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