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Re: beaglebuddy zippy

On 25/10/2010 15:34, Robert Nelson wrote:
On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 8:11 AM, peter green
<peter.green@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk>  wrote:
On 25/10/2010 13:28, Robert Nelson wrote:
On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 6:03 AM, peter green
<peter.green@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk>    wrote:
I'm currently running lenny (would consider upgrading to sqeeze if that
what is required to make things work) with the kernel from
http://rcn-ee.net/deb/lenny/v2.6.36-rc5-d1/on my beagleboard.

I've just added a beaglebuddy expansion board to get the battery backed
second serial and ethernet ports but i'm not sure how best to get it
under debian. Anyone else have that combination and known a working
configuration setup? do I need a different kernel? if so what would you
Hi Peter,

It's already supported with that kernel...

If you are running the latest u-boot/x-load (2010.03/1.4.4ss) on the
beagle with a boot.scr boot script file the "buddy=${buddy}" in the
bootargs will take care of it..

If your running a custom bootargs in nand from an older install, just
update the bootargs with buddy=zippy or buddy=zippy2 depending on
which of the zippy's you have...
I added buddy=zippy to my bootargs but when I do I get an error about
initialising the SD card which I use as my root filesystem

mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card

Any idea how to fix this?
This didn't do that before you added buddy=zippy?
Without buddy=zippy it booted fine.
That one is a pretty old development kernel, does my stable kernel do
the same thing?


Install script:
Ok with that kernel and buddy=zippy the beagleboard boots and the rtc on the beaglebuddy now works (though I had to manually reconfigure the init scripts to use it)

The ethernet still doesn't seem to work though.

[   20.766082] enc28j60 spi4.0: enc28j60 Ethernet driver 1.01 loaded
[   20.858734] enc28j60 spi4.0: enc28j60 chip not found
[   20.906494] enc28j60: probe of spi4.0 failed with error -5

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

Thanks for all the help

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